Ep. 0 Have you heard the MJ Review Teaser?

Episode 0

MJ Review Potcast

You stumbled up the #1 Podcast for Cannabis users and enthusiasts of all kind and across the country!

Our mission for the podcast is to educate everyone about the overall cannabis landscape in a fun and entertaining way whether you’re canna-curios, a newbie or a veteran.

We believe everyone can gain something from listening to the MJ Review Potcast.

Margo and Jake will be taking you down a cannabis journey along with Chris the guy on the couch to bring you the “Dopest Quality” segments in DispensaryView, Let’s Be Blunt, Hash It Out, The Grind, Stoner Stories, & What’s In Your Stash?

For the DispensaryView the hosts Margo and Jake will be visiting all types of dispensaries in our current medical only state of Illinois and compare our dispensaries with the recreational state’s dispensaries. We’ll talk about each dispensaries locations, product selection, sale prices, budtender knowledge and the overall atmosphere inside.

Let’s Be Blunt will be the segment that tells you all the facts, the newest updates, and medical findings in the industry. We want you to be informed about the industry in a way that is consumable for anyone. Whether you are new to the cannabis dialogue or a veteran. We’ll be digging for the facts from inside the industry and welcome discussion on every topic that we talk about and hope that you would like to join the conversation with us.

That’s where Hash It Out will feature your opinions as well as ours through the many we hear things that just need to be hashed out. We hope to get feedback through public forums or from personal requests when we receive your emails at mjreviewpotcast@gmail.com or things you can tag us in through the hashtags #mjreviewpotcast or #hashitout

We will also be featuring people that are grinding away in the cannabis industry chiseling at their own successes through The Grind segment. If you know of someone that you think deserves to get highlighted – LET US KNOW by reaching out to us by email at mjreviewpotcast@gmail.com or by tagging us @MJReviewPotcast or by using the hashtag #mjreviewpotcast or #thegrind

Stay tuned for What’s in Your Stash to hear about the newest products available on the market and our reviews of them. And, of course, we have to bring in a strain of the week. This potcast wouldn’t be about cannabis if we didn’t!

We would love to hear your Stoner Stories in our potcast! Weather if it is an amazing medical recovery or a funny story send in your stories to mjreviewpotcast@gmail.com to be featured on the potcast!

And also subscribe, share & leave us a review – you will help us get heard more!

We want to work together as an industry to bring cannabis into the mainstream.

Bonus content – We will be going to Expos and events in our state of Illinois or other states that host and we will also include some of our own banter of just us messing around.

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