Ep. 2 Chicago Blue Dream & CBD

Is CBD Reclassified as Schedule I or not? It’s so confusing to tell! We bring the facts in our Let’s Be Blunt Segment and then we Hash It Out.

Strain Review:

Chicago Blue Dream

Chicago blue dream is Illinois take on the notorious blue dream strain. Its got a cross between a Sativa blueberry mixed with an Indica haze which makes this a beautifully balanced 50/50 hybrid giving a balanced high with a strong sedative body high and a clear mind invigoration effect. 
Method of consumption: flower with a 24% THC content
Look: Almost looks more like a straight Indica. it is on the dense side. a nice vivid green flower with plenty of little orange hairs frosted completely with keef which falls off of the buds just from touching it.
Aroma: just like the taste this one has a stronger berry smell with an earthy undertone.
Flavor profile: It has a mild flavor slightly sweet and berry-like with an earthy skunky taste mixed in as well. 
effects: Euphoric body high mixed with a nice invigorating mood enhancing head high. great for daytime use it won’t make you feel tired at all. Great for pain, nausea, headaches, and depression.
medical: chronic pain, nausea, headaches, depression, stress, lack of appetite
Recreational: giggly, relaxed, creative, uplifted
Negative effects: dry mouth, dizziness. so not many negatives on this one. 

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