Ep. 3 Ghost Train Haze & MJ for MD interview

We celebrate Massachusetts new recreational program and briefly discuss the complex nature of switching to recreational cannabis. We also have a very special guest talking with us on The Grind: Martha Montemayor, Director of Cannabis Clinicians Colorado, and organizer of the MJ for MD Conference! Then we check out just what’s in The Stash this week with an appropriately, spooky strain – Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is very heavy hitting potent Sativa that’s derived from the ghost OG and Nevilles wreck strains. Just like the Chicago blue dream from last weeks stash, this is a unique Sativa that harbors dense buds with a heavy coat of trichomes covering the buds like snow. hence the name larger doses are known to induce cerebral haziness so it’s a good idea to start low with this one.

Method of consumption: Flower
Look: These are some very pretty buds…these are more dense than most sativa’s and coated with a thick layer of thc trichomes that fall off to the touch. they mostly have a vibrant green color mixed with orange hairs underneath all the trichomes but on occasion you may find some nice purple colored buds.
Aroma: once you open a jar of ghost train haze you will notice a very pungent skunky aroma mixed with a nice citrus  scent.
Flavor profile: This one has more of an earthy citrus taste…almost like licking a lemon that was just picked off the tree. 
medical: This strain is particularly good for stress and depression it gives a nice uplifting happy feeling after the effects kick in. Its also great for severe pain when used in a higher dose thanks to the large amounts of thc. some other medicinal benefits this strain delivers but I would consider secondary would be great for appetite loss, and headaches. 
Recreational: This is definitely a fun strain as long as your not an anxious person…ghost train haze delivers a strong uplifting euphoria that heightens moods to bring you straight to your happy place. Its great for energy as well and once the effects start to wear off it brings you right into a hazy relaxed states. if you microdose this strain its fantastic to help concentration and induce creativity as well. 
Negative effects: With this being such a heavy hitter there are a few things to be careful of. Definitely start with a low dose when trying this one out, if you take to much off the bat it can induce anxiety and paranoia so again be careful of dosage. as most strains it can also give you dry eyes as well as mouth and a dizzy feeling. 
overall I give ghost train haze 5 out of 5 I was absolutely impressed with this heavy hitter and would highly recommend if this review appeals to you. 

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