Behind the Leaves

Margo Behind MJreviewpotcast

Hey, HEY fellow cannabis connoisseurs! Margo here to tell you that the cannabis industry is an ever growing and changing industry and I know that there are people thirsty for information. That’s why I came up with the MJ Review Potcast! 

I have always been a big fan of cannabis. I started using cannabis as a teen (which is not recommended – 18+ at least!!!!) and I always thought this was a BAD drug just like all the opposers believe it is. Then, after graduating college, I was recommended to give my mom some cannabis treatment. It started out that I was my mom’s caregiver. Then, I saw the incredible benefits she had with all the different strains and treatments of each one. Throughout this whole time, I was still consuming cannabis. But, I never knew there was a whole new world of other cannabinoids that give us lots of remedies.

We produce our own cannabinoids naturally. With cannabis, it brings our system more of these natural cannabinoids to help prevent and help ease and even cure some of our own ailments and diseases. 

I started working in the industry creating magical edibles for a cultivator in Illinois. I gained a lot of knowledge on the benefits of consuming cannabis with CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG. That’s only a handful of the cannabinoids that we have discovered in our beloved weed plants.

Slowly, yet surely, we are revealing the discovery that we need cannabis to be implemented in our lives to strive for the best quality of life for everyone! We are adapting to this new lifestyle change that hopefully will aid us from a lot of suffering in the future. 

Jake Behind MJReviewpotcast

Hey – Jake here!

I am Margo’s co-host and #1 Strain Reviewer on MJ Review Potcast. I have followed Margo’s journey navigating this cannabis industry. I have been a long time consumer of cannabis myself. And I have seen a lot of benefits in myself, in Margo, and many others that I have come across. 

Now, it’s my time to give back to the community. I have dedicated my free time to find information that I think is beneficial to know for newbies and veterans of cannabis. 

I am very excited to be on this journey…and I hope you guys are as excited too!

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